Thankful for Edges, Growth, & an Insightful Dream

Day 2,387


Leadership is quite often the practice of edges. It is leading others to find their edge, the edge of what is possible that lies just beyond the edge of comfort. Leadership is walking with others, arm in arm, towards a destination which pushes us both beyond the edge of known and into the edge of unknown. It is leading someone right up to the edge, letting them get closer than ever, to look over, to get beyond where they’ve ever been – all while holding them safely, keeping them out of harm’s way while helping them find the growth that comes in discomfort. Leadership is all about practicing the edges.


Time with the boys in delightful times is fantastic. Time with the boys during times of difficulty is purposeful, satisfying, and rewarding. Dominic and I have had plenty of that during the past day while working on his Eagle project. It would be so much easier if it just went well, but the lessons he is learning through this are truly priceless. We’ve gotten to work together through dons difficult stuff and seeing how he’s growing through it has made me proud as a dad.

Another reminder that good times are delightful, but difficult times are when we grow.


Sometimes moments of presence can even happen in dreams! Before my alarm went off I had an interesting work related dream. In it a profoundly insightful idea flowed from my mouth as I spoke with a client. It was so intense both my dreaming mind and my waking mind picked up on it. I jolted awake with the idea blazed into my brain. How awesome to even have that level of presence in dream?


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