Thankful for Choosing How to Respond, Reflecting on 23 Years, & Running in the Woods

Day 2,382


There is very little we truly have control over in our lives. We can’t always choose what happens but we can choose how we respond. I’ve blogged about this often but it is still a lesson I’m always grateful to remember.

I have several options to work on this today. Some went well, others less well. In each I caught myself observing myself and it created an introspective sensation of awareness. So far to grow!


In so many ways it feels like I’ve been with Express forever and in just as many ways it feels like it’s only been a few years. Thanks to a project I was working on today I paused to reflect on all twenty three years of my Express life. Some lessons from twenty years still burn clearly in memory while some from the past year seem so much older. I’m thankful for working on this project today, it’s reminded me of so many moments while helping me appreciate all the experiences I’ve had.


One of the reasons I love our normal route for our morning runs is the way I feel like I’m out in the woods. This morning Becky stopped to listen to the sound of an owl hooting from across the river. Earlier there was a rabbit who decided to run alongside us. What a wonderful way to start the day!


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