Thankful for a Long Path to Grace and Growth, Reminiscing via Fiction, & Birds Chirping

Day 2,383


I went in reverse order tonight which really helped lead me to this topic.

In the moment in which something happens I have a very specific reaction and thought process based on the person I am in that moment. As time passes and I look back to that same event my perspective is often very different thanks to the additional experiences I’ve had since then. Sometimes this can lead to a little frustration at how the event was initially handled, but I need to remember to give myself grace. The me of back then did not have the life experiences I do today which would have led to a different reaction.

The me of now then has to help make mental notes for the the future me in order to react to similar situations the way I would like to handle them now but with the understanding that the me of now and the me of the future and the me after the future me will all likely look at the situation differently thanks to their different experiences.

Ouch… I think I just broke my brain. 😉

Here’s the short version – remember and analyze past events to focus on growth rather than to judge myself and my actions in the past. Growth and grace over judging.


Well written fiction does an amazing job of dredging up long lost memories. As I’ve been reading The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss there’ve been a handful of times in which it took me way back to experiences in middle school, high school, and college. So much fun thinking back to those old memories. The person I was when they happened is so different and yet somewhat similar to the person I am now. So interesting to see the difference in perspective from then to now!


How awesome is it to hear the birds chirping and singing in the morning? So glad Spring is here, little things like the singing of birds really help center my brain on the present moment.


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