Thankful for a Leadership Lesson, the A-Ha Moments, & Dinner as a Family

Day 2,381


I used to see leadership as meaning I needed to talk most, but I’ve learned that nearly the opposite is true.


I’m beyond grateful for those moments when someone finally sees the beginnings of the true potential in themselves that we’ve seen in them for a while. That magical aha moment in which you can see the lightbulb flash on and the smile appear on their face is truly priceless and one of my favorite moments in life.


I left for my office in Eau Claire before 6:20am and arrived home after 6:20pm. Even though I was tired from the drive, the weather, and work I was so happy to be home in time to eat supper with my family. Spending time with Becky and hearing about the news of the day from the boys was awesome and totally centered me in the moment. What a gift to share a moment with family around the dining room.


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