Thankful for Deep Thoughts from Flooring, Results of Hard Work, & Track Meets

Day 2,371


Better to accept and move on rather than deny reality and suffer needlessly. Nope, this isn’t about something emotional, it is about making the decision to tear out the flooring than try to fix it. I know, seems a little dramatic, but it’s a perfect analogy to do much in life.

I can either sit back, deny reality, and still have to ultimately make the same decision or I can accept it and move on. So much easier to accept, put the past behind, and move on.


So thankful for the opportunity to watch the hard work the boys put in all year start to pay off for them in track. So many times they had multiple daily workouts, voluntarily put in extra work, and pushed themselves hard in practice. The results really showed today with them partnering up for a 2nd place finish in the 4×800 today and in Dominic’s 2nd place finish in the 800.

The racing season has just begun and they’re already seeing how much their hard work is paying off. So excited and grateful!


Watching the boys in their track events in each of the last two days – so much presence!


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