Thankful for Following Directions, Home Improvement Work, & Moments with Family

Day 2,372


Always read the instructions completely. If unsure about something it’s probably not s bad idea to ask. Lesson learned today, glad it wasn’t anything too crazy or serious. Good learning opportunity.


I certainly did not plan the most recent home improvement project but I am thankful for the satisfaction that comes from making positive progress on a DIY project like this. Spending time working with my hands, doing manual labor, and figuring out what comes next was a very fulfilling experience today.


Throughout the day there’ve been pockets of presence with each of my family members. With Dominic it was the car rides to and from church. Gavin’s were walking LuLu in the woods and while playing a few games. Becky and I had smaller moments while we ate most of lunch together and in the kitchen as I finished cooking and she walked me off the ledge while I was learning. I’m sure I’ll always wish we all have more time together, but I’m very grateful fit the presence in the unkempt we have had together.


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