Thankful for Zooming Out for Balance, Devil’s Punchbowl, & a Shared Falling Star

Day 2, 370


There are times to do, times to grow, time to think, and times to relax. The magic lays in knowing which time is which and then being able to act accordingly. Today I seemed to find a nice balance, mix of all of the above. I have a tendency to really hit one harder than the other, I need to remember to take my time, zoom out to see where balance is needed, and then zoom back in.


On my drive to Menomonie for work I decided to take a quick scenic stop at an area I didn’t know existed until a few days ago – Devil’s Punchbowl. Hidden away just off the Red Cedar River is a gem of a view!

The area is a depression which is partially frozen over this time of the year. As I gazed upon it icicles tumbled off in musical falls. There was a steady putter patter of the melting ice and snow dripping from ledge to ledge. It was incredible! The icicles hung around the area like lace and added to the already scenic sight.

So thankful someone fought this place up on Tuesday night, I never would have known it was here otherwise.


While Becky and I were about three quarters of a mile from our house we both just happened to be looking up at the same time and caught a super slow motion shooting star blazing from North to South in the sky! Talk about a beautiful moment of presence, and to have the opportunity to share it with Becky made it all the more special.


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