Thankful for Repeating Experiences, The Universe Conspiring to Help Me, & Outdoor Moments

Day 2,369


Just because I’ve taught something or shared a story in the past doesn’t mean everyone has heard it. Spending 23 years with Express has led to many great memories and learning opportunities. It can be difficult trying to remember if I’ve shared things with teammates or not.

Today was a great reminder of the importance of covering the most important concepts regularly, even with teammates who may have heard them before. Throughout the years we have more context to apply to those learning experiences. Better to over share and get others more involved than to assume everyone already knows.


Funny how we can start yo see certain things all around us when we choose yo look for them. Nothing has truly changed in the world, only our vision of it. As soon as we change our mindset we start to see that it has been all around us the entire time, we only had to choose it.

There have been a few instances of this for me as of late and I can’t help but chuckle each time. How much more awesomeness is there surrounding me that I just need yo choose to see? I’m so thankful for The Universe conspiring to help me!


Quiet time in the woods. A trail with no human footprints in the snow. Finding a squirrel’s nut cache raided by someone who left only dirt and shells. Silently standing for five minutes watching two woodpeckers fight over a branch and the observing the victor quickly realize that it wasn’t that good of a spot. Laughing out loud while sliding downhill on a icy trail. Stopping to breathe in the smells of the winter-ish woods. Time alone in nature. Serene. Calming. Humbling. Exciting. Joyful. Satisfying. Enlightening.


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