Thankful for Perceptions of Challenges, Lessons from Pockets of Time, & a Perfectly Chill Breeze

Day 2,368


How many times have I written about taking time to pause and breathe lately? More reminders today of why I need to keep working on this practice AND opportunities to see how I’ve been making progress. Maybe with continued practice I will continue to get better.

What’s interesting is that the practice of working on this has actually been one of the ways I’ve made the most progress! Seriously, by seeing each opportunity as a chance to learn and grow completely fakes out my brain and I see all the challenges as growth and as training reps.

My, what power our perception has on our lives.


Quiet pockets of time can be so useful when I remember to use them as such. If I refrain from leaning into distractions like games, web surfing, and whatnot I have so many moments which I can bust to create, to live into my purpose, and to dream bigger.

When I think about this it seems to easy to always make the right choice, but alas, I know I don’t always make the right choice when I am tired. How to remedy this?

Rest, get sleep, and recognize the need to breathe. I cannot make right decisions when I am tired. Fuel my body correctly. I cannot operate at maximum effectiveness if my eating choices are poor. Keep my purpose in font of me. I cannot stay or used on what is important if I don’t take time to remind myself of what is important. Remember that life is fleeting. I cannot afford to waste the precious moments I have remaining.

Today I am thankful for making positive use of the pockets of time AND the reminders of how I can take advantage of them more often.


Going for a walk over lunch in the cool air was so delightful! The breeze had just the right chill to keep me from getting too warm while being just cold enough that the air felt wonderfully fresh and crisp. What a perfect temperature this would have been for backpacking.

The sensation of movement and fresh air are so refreshing. My afternoon was very much improved by the moments of stillness outdoors. Yet again being outside leads to joy!


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