Thankful for Finding Balance, Patience, & Presenting On Travel with Becky on

Day 2,367


So much of life is balance. We have so much to balance all the time, it is a core of who we are.

Push ourselves well past our comfort zone but with the limit of guaranteed failure. Work hard in order to make our dreams possible, but not so hard that we are unable to live our dreams. Balance, balance, balance, all around us.

In all things I must remember to find balance. Breathe, think, feel, and find balance. Maybe that’s why I enjoy yoga so much, it’s all about balance.

So much more to unpack on this, I’ll save the rest for another day.


I’m so thankful for The Big Dude Upstairs’ understanding of how slow if a learner I am sometimes. (feel free to swap “The Bug Dude Upstairs “ with God, the Universe, or whatever your preference may be). I swear there are so many times They remember to give me lesson after lesson after lesson to help me learn what I need. So much patience! I would have likely given up on me long before They did! From different stories to examples to words to people to experiences They seem to keep showing me the way until I actually get it.

The most recent? Lessons on judgement. So thankful for the patience and persistence of The Big Dude Upstairs.


Speaking about travel at the library tonight with Becky was amazing on so many levels. Sharing our adventures brought back so many memories and the audience brought up so new places to add to our lists. The conversations afterwards were insightful and inspiring. Sharing all of those moments with Becky made it all the more priceless.


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