Thankful for Living Into Purpose, Happily Uncomfortable, & Walks in Spring

Day 2,366


The joy of living into one’s purpose is incredible. Forget money, fame, and fortune – focus on brightening the world one person at a time. What greater joy is there than that?


The older I get the more satisfaction I feel when reading or hearing something that really stretches my brain and makes me feel uncomfortable through challenging my beliefs. I’m currently reading The Shack and it is forcing my brain to think through different beliefs. As I work through some I can feel my beliefs shift a little. Others I work through help me feel more comfortable with my preexisting beliefs. Regardless, the struggle itself, the testing of beliefs, is such a rewarding experience.


The weather today was so wonderful, a perfect start to Spring! Rather than stay in the office all day I went out for a nice walk over lunch. The cool breeze balanced with the warm sunshine felt incredible! Rather than an audiobook I had some chill music playing and enjoyed the relaxing think time. Ahh…. Bring on the nice weather!


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