Thankful for Appreciation through Elimination, Hands On Training with Dad, & Mambo No. 5

Day 2,365


Sometimes we have to remove something we’ve taken for granted to fully appreciate it. Today I am more thankful for running water than I have been in a very long time.

When we got home from church we realized we had an urgent issue. There was no water coming out of our faucets. After some quick investigative work and a visit from my buddy Todd we realized it was our well pump. Approximately seven hours and three Menards runs later we’ve got water again.

Funny how quickly I was grateful for water after it was eliminated for a while!


As a kid I had the opportunity to learn so much about home improvement from Dad. Later in life I started to realize how fortunate I am to have had those experiences. Today was another perfect example. The well pump burns out ABC I need to do a combo of plumbing and electrical work. No worries! Go back to the lessons I’ve learned, hop online for a tutorial video, and next thing know I’ve installed a well pump. So thankful for that hands on experience!


During one of my three trips to Menards today I heard Mambo No. 5 by Lou Bega. In an instant I was teleported back to October of 1999 when I was dancing with a ridiculously cute blonde girl I’d just met about 24 hours earlier. She was awesome in so many ways and by the end of that night I’d tell my parents I’d met the woman I would marry. Almost a quarter century later I still think of that night, the night I asked Becky out on a date, each and every single time I hear Mambo No. 5.


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