Thankful for Slack, Lessons in Balance, & a Walk in the Woods

Day 2,362


Once again I’m reminded of the importance of building slack into a schedule. As my week has been a bit more interesting than expected I find myself with a monstrously large task list. Fortunately I’ve stuck with my plan of building slack into my week for occasions like this.

The plan is always to have extra time to get ahead on another project but more often than not it’s used as the stop gap to get everything done. Sooooooooo glad I added it in this week!!!


Many years ago Dad and I had a conversation about the struggle to find the right between being a dad and being a friend. So easy to slip too far one way or the other, so easy to forget the fulcrum shifts from being almost entirely on the dad side to slowly closing in on the halfway point during adulthood. When Dad shared his thoughts he helped me see s couple examples of bring out of balance in either direction and it stuck.

I still need to better find the balance, but I’m better than I would have been without his coaching to help me start.


Time in the woods, what a gift, even if just for a short time. LuLu and I were able to sneak her walk in after work and in between rainfalls. The time in the woods is more therapeutic than almost anything. The perfect place to recharge!


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