Thankful for Being Okay with No, This Practice, & Awareness

Day 2,363


It is so easy to say yes, but so important to sometimes know when to say no. Today I said no and was greatly rewarded. So much additional calm, so much additional joy. What a fine balance to find. Today was right, other times I was wrong. Remembering to pause, to think, to have awareness – there is the magic.


Tonight I’m grateful for the exercise of pausing to blog. Taking time each night to pause and review the day, my thoughts, my actions, and my choices helps me see myself more clearly.

The distance of the gap between who I am and who I am called to be is brought sharply into focus. This can be disheartening if I so choose, or it can be inspiring as I’ve made forward progress, regardless of how small. If I can see the gap I can start to close the distance. How wonderful!

This time of peace provides an opportunity for awareness – in the moment it happened AND in the moment I’m processing the moment. It is a time to review myself, to grade myself, and to find opportunities for both growth and celebration.

These moments also involve practice of giving myself grace. Realizing I’ve made mistakes, knowing I can choose to grow, and knowing that it is okay to not be perfect. I’ll never be perfect yet I should be eternally pursuing perfection with vigor and zeal in spite of knowing I’m chasing a destination which will never be reached in life.

So much time for thought, for growth. A moment if magic each night. An opportunity to grow towards becoming whole. I’m so appreciative for this practice.


One of the key points in Awareness by de Mello is taking time to observe yourself, your thoughts, and your actions as a third party. No judgment, no change, no fixing, only listening and watching. So much can be learned about ourselves in those moments. Several of those moments today. Moments of presence, but a different depth of presence. What a gift!


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