Thankful for Pulling Up Anchor, Surrounded by Positivity, & Choosing Appreciation

Day 2,361


Sometimes we need to shift direction and go with whatever direction life takes us. There’s an interesting dichotomy to recognize – we can’t afford to waste our life drifting along wherever it takes us but we also need to let go and roll with whatever life throws us. Maybe wisdom lies in discerning the difference?

Today I realized early it was time to pull up the anchor and roll with each wave without regard to where it was going. Honestly, it has been a largely positive and rewarding day in spite of a couple of unexpected twists and a large challenge. Had I fought to force the day to go where I wanted I’d feel crushed and defeated. Instead I feel confident, optimistic, and satisfied.

Tomorrow looks to be a day in which focus will help me re-gain any losses and move further ahead… but we will see what it actually brings and make the most of it.


So blessed to have so many of the right, positive, and supportive people around me all day and in seemingly just the right spots. From family to teammates to auto service people to teachers to friends to an entire team of awesomely positive Jimmy John’s workers I almost couldn’t avoid someone lifting me up when I faltered. I am beyond grateful for all of the perfectly timed smiles, the caring words, and the positivity.

So many people helped make today a great day. It was off kilter and off the rails since I woke up. I was basically busy from 5am until 8pm and by all tights I should be a mess. Instead – thanks to all those who brightened my day – I wrapped up my night in a wonderful conversation with my oldest son and was 100% present with him. What a gift!!!

To each and every single person who brightened my life and gave me strength and joy today – thank you, thank you, thank you.


So many moments I’m grateful for today, but I’m most appreciative for this moment right now. In this moment taking time to realize how blessed I have been today, what a wonderful moment. So thankful for taking time to intentionally choose appreciation. My heart is full.


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