Thankful for Natural Happiness, a Little Outside Hack, & a Frosty Sunrise

Day 2,360


Happiness is already ours, it is our natural state. It is our lack of appreciation that gets in the way. If we pause, appreciate the present moment, and are thankful for the breath we are taking there is joy. We need only remember appreciation.


Even though my car’s thermometer read -8 (f) I couldn’t help but utilize one of my favorite hacks. I love being outdoors. There’s little better in life than fresh air. Rather than be “inside” my car I turned up the heat and opened my moon roof. It was glorious!!!

A frosty sunrise AND some fresh air? AMAZING start to the day!!!

Nothing like getting fresh air and feeling like I was outside while actually being. This morning reminded me of why I hope to only own vehicles with moonroofs moving forward.


That frosty sunrise I mentioned in the last section? So picturesque! The drive to Eau Claire this morning was amplified by both the timing of the sunrise and the sudden drop in temperature. The air was so clear and still. There was a layer of frost on all the trees and plants from the mist rising from the unfrozen stream. Throw in some wildly vibrant first rays of sunshine and it was EPIC!!!


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