Thankful for Breathe Rather than React, the Boys in Leadership Roles, & Yoga Chill

Day 2,359


Remember to pause and breathe rather than react. This morning I had a wonderful non-work related opportunity to remember this rather than taking action in the heat of emotion. While I could certainly justify the reason for my frustration and potential action it is better put on hold for a day or two, put into a more structured format, and then act swiftly with logic rather than emotion.

I can’t remember where I saw the quote recently, but it’s really grown on me. It was something along the lines of we can always say something but we can’t unsay something. Better to think it through first.


Very proud papa moment today! Both of the boys were elected their peers to their track team’s advisory council for their respective classes. Pretty cool to see them both continuing to grow as leaders, what an awesome extra set of responsibilities they will be soaking up over the next few months.


Ahh… another Monday blog post, another yoga mention! Tonight’s class was fantastic for a slightly different reason. For some reason it took me a long time to get settled in and in the flow for the practice. Starting in child’s pose was brutal, my feet kept cramping, I couldn’t sit still, and my brain was going way to fast. It was rough! After a while and a great deal of focusing on my breathing I was slowly able to get my brain back in the right place for yoga and proceeded to sweat my butt off in a very good way. During final rest I found that I was so relaxed that I caught myself dreaming before it was over.

Nothing like a good sweat and some focused breathing to get back into the present moment and relaxed!


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