Thankful for a Handful of Lessons, Sharing My Workshop, & Fresh Snow in the Woods

Day 2,358


There were a few lessons / reminders I am thankful for today.

  • Beware of ego, it can slowly creep in when we least expect it
  • Get outside, life is more joyful when spent in nature
  • Enjoy the little moments, the rides to Menards with either of the boys
  • Life is so much more satisfying when we say yes
  • Remember that I’ll never know the perspective and intentions of others


The workshop is such a happy place for me. I love creating in it, working with wood, and taking ideas out of the aether and creating reality of them. So rewarding and fulfilling.

Sharing my workshop is a blessing in so many other ways. Time bonding with my sons while teaching them skills learned from my dad. Allowing others to use my shop and offering an opportunity to spark a new passion for them. There’s something deeply satisfying about sharing time with others in my workshop, so fortunate for the opportunity to do so.


Walking LuLu through the almost untouched snow in the woods was awesome. In some spots we left the only set of footprints and in the rest of the trails there were only mine, Becky’s, and one other person’s.

So many bald eagles all around, they are talking much of the time. A pair of trumpeter swans also flew over. The entire scene was so peaceful and serene. What a soul warming walk in the woods.


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