Thankful for Climbing Above Fear, Family Adventures, & Falling

Day 2,357


How often do I let fear or anxiety or worry get the better of me? Climbing today was a bit of a rocky start as my nerves were not big fans of being up high. It took a lot of work and convincing to get that inner voice of fear to shut up. Once I did I had a blast!

Fear, you are no friend of mine. When we run into each other next time I will be sure to see through you more quickly.


Nothing quite like a family adventure day! After Becky and I hit our yoga date and the boys completed their long track workout we all loaded up and drove to Rochester. A while back we’d won some day passes to the climbing wall and decided it was time to cash them in.

What a blast!!! We had so much fun climbing up the crazy walls! It was an experience we’ll definitely remember. Nothing quite like knocking out an adventure based activity as a family on a Saturday.


For reals, the split second of jumping off the wall before the auto belay catches you. Wowza!!! talk about being so present in a moment that the split second feels like an eternity.


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