Thankful for Getting Outside the Comfort Zone, Mary Ellen, & Hugs

Day 2,356


As I prepared for my presentation at church tonight I took a deep breath and thought about whether or not to add a very emotional couple of stories. When practicing I kept getting choked up in a couple of spots and was nervous I would’ve be too emotional to make it through. I took the advice of Father Sam from this past Sunday and decided to risk it. I’m so thankful I did!

Practice and I’ll be okay. Trust the nudge I feel even when (or especially when) it is uncomfortable. Know that the support needed to make it through will always be there. Take a chance, open up, let go of the wheel, and trust.


There are some people in our lives who quietly do so much of the heavy lifting to help us be successful. Without regard for accolades they do the difficult work needed to make our lives better.

At our church we’ve been so blessed to have a servant leader, a true tribal leader, and someone I respect and admire greatly. Over the past dozen year she’s helped do many of us be better versions of ourselves through her willingness to speak up and leading by example. Our church family is stronger thanks to her presence.

Here’s to Mary Ellen – I’m grateful for her spirit, her leadership, her musical flair, and her role modeling of living a purpose driven life.


Tonight my boys attended one of my book presentations for the first time. The hugs from each afterwards were some of the greatest ever. What a moment each one was!


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