Thankful for Focus on Depth, Confluence, & Unexpected Presence

Day 2,351


Rather than slipping back into unproductive and unfulfilling habits remember to focus on what brings a deeper level of joy. Sometimes distractions can be fun, but they often are not at the same depth as true joy.

Stay focused on what’s really important, don’t allow distractions to win through emptiness, choose the correct path.


Every so often there seems to be a confluence of recent experiences, lessons learned, opportunities, and stories which all seem to tie a common theme or two together. Each aspect is like an individual element that is significant but lacking structure. At a certain point all the individual elements lock together and create something more grand than could be imagined prior. After stepping back to see it from a better perspective everything is changed, there’s an awareness that wasn’t there before. I am changed in a positive way.

I’m not quite to the point of seeing the elements lock together but it seems as if I’m starting to see most of the components. Soon enough they’ll fit themselves together and I’m excited to see the result, to grow.

I wonder if there will be a point in which each finished bigger component becomes an element of something even more grand.


Church today hit me at a deep level. Something about the ongoing message of persevering through obstacles, through risking for a good cause, and being there for others resonated more than expected today. Whatever the reason the entire experience was one I was completely present for.


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