Thankful for Pause and then React, Dinner with Our Niece, & Catching Up with Teammates

Day 2,352


Listen, breathe, think, react. Recently I heard insightful advice about how “we can always say something else, but we can never unsay what we already have said.” Acting with emotion isn’t usually the right answer. Pausing to think before responding typically is.


One of our nieces is currently a student at UW La Crosse and we have her and her boyfriend over for supper sometimes. Tonight was one of those nights.

What a gift to spend time with great kids who are getting the big picture and are willing to talk about their college experience. Each conversation brings back so many memories of college life and I’m usually laughing and smiling throughout. It’s an added bonus for our boys to have an opportunity for a sneak peek into college life too.

So crazy to think that my last days of college were over half of my life ago! Spending time with our niece reminds of so much from that time period – good and bad.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to spend time with our niece, to remember and share old stories, and for the boys to get a sneak peek.


Spending time with my teams catching up with them was a great way to really get my Monday morning rolling. It was nice to hear about what they’d been up to, the fun they’d had, and to get to know them better.


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