Thankful for Getting Outside for a Walk, Balancing Time with Friends, & Unexpected Deer

Day 2,350


When in doubt, get outside and go for a walk or run.

Our weekend of hanging out with friends has been awesome in many ways (spoiler alert for the next section), but it’s been largely sedentary as we’ve played a ton of games and spent almost all the time sitting around the dining room table. Compared to how active I usually am and it was really off kilter from normal life.

This afternoon a couple of us went for a walk and enjoyed time outdoors in the sun. It was glorious! Amazing what a difference some outside time and physical activity can do to get me recharged and feeling better.


There’s such an awesome balance to be found in spending time with a half a dozen friends. What I’m really hit me was how enriched the time is when split between time with the entire group and time with each other person one on one.

The laughs we had as a big group were priceless. I’m going to bed with a stomach sore from so much full belly laughing. As a large group we have such a great time but it can be difficult to talk about life in detail.

When I was able to find pockets of time with one or two people we were able to connect and share life more easily. This was found in going for a walk, early morning coffee, driving to get supplies, and in between games. Those one on one connections were soul warming and reminded me of the importance of spending more time in smaller groups in addition to bigger groups.

So much fun, so many laughs, and a wonderful balance of time in small groups. I’m thankful for this time we were able to share!


Growing up in northern Wisconsin provided many opportunities to see whitetail deer. Quite often they would walk right into our backyard to eat acorns. They became so commonplace that I didn’t always pause to appreciate the sight.

This afternoon one of my friends noticed a deer right outside our front door in the house we’re renting right in the city. Shortly after we saw another, another, and ultimately six deer walking through the yard! Very awesome opportunity to pause and remember to enjoy seeing nature in an unexpected place.


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