Thankful for Acting on Nudges, Clarity of Purpose, & Connections

Day 2,348


Nudges may be amongst the greatest gifts we’re given, the closest to The Big Dude Upstairs we’ll ever be.

Ignore them and life goes on, we’ll likely never know what could have been.

Honor them, take action on them – even then we may not see their full impact, but our hearts will be full. In those rare moments in which we get a glimpse of the impact of acting on the nudge… my, what a profoundly beautiful gift we’re given.


Purpose really fuels much of life if we allow it. Sometimes life can get difficult and test us. Purpose and values shine a light on our path in those times. What seems complex and confusing is made simple and clear through the lens of purpose.

I appreciate feeling a sense of clarity of purpose today. There’s still so incredibly far to grow, but seeing the outline of the path ahead motivates me to keep hiking it.


Connections with others, what a blessing! Spending time in a handful of meaningful conversations today brought joy to my soul.


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