Thankful for Growth through Challenges, Practicing People Appreciation, & Big ‘Ol Poofy Snowflakes

Day 2,347


Through our difficult times we have the opportunity for exponential growth should we choose it.

Since writing and talking about losing Dad and other challenges I’ve faced I’ve been blessed with so many conversations with people who’ve been through struggles. All our challenges are unique and our paths similar yet not exactly the same. Whatever we’ve been through there often seems to be a common theme.

This really bad thing happened, but since then…

This challenge was painful, but because of that…

“But since then” or “but because of that.” These phrase lead to the transition.

I learned more about myself.

…I found there were people willing to help.

…I realized how strong I can be.


The pain in the moment is real, the growth can be a lifetime.


Taking time to be thankful for specific people in our lives is medicine for the soul. I finished up a project today that was filled with appreciation directed towards specific people and my heart was full all day. When I consider the times I’ve blogged about a specific person (& it has been a while) I’ll fall asleep with a smile on my face.

Crazy, when we try to bring a smile to someone we’re appreciative of we often end up smiling even more! I’m grateful for the exercise I practiced today and it reminds me of something I was thinking of starting…. Hmm… more to follow soon 😉


This morning I paused everything. I was working in my office and out of the corner of my eye I saw thick puffy snow globe flakes falling from the sky. It was beautiful!

Life got put on pause while I enjoyed the scenic views. So peaceful, so calming. Once I got back to work everything seemed just a little lighter.


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