Thankful for Scarcity and Slack, Days Full of Gratitude, & Forced Flow

Day 2,346


Scarcity can be a powerful source of productivity in the right situations. Slack can be the enemy of done in the wrong situations. The key lies in knowing how much of each to apply at the right moment.


LOL – so I’ve been staring at this blank space for well over 10 minutes now and am just now writing. I’m getting tired and this section is the last obstacle before sleep.

Ugh, why am I stuck and suffering writers block???

Because I can’t settle on which one of a huge list of gratitudes I want to write about 😂

Do I want to write about Gavin’s wrestling banquet, the upcoming weekend with friends, a leadership team growing and getting it, a big project completed, a new project on the horizon, an intriguing interview, doing the right thing when it was difficult, a nice morning run, living purpose, opportunities to grow, an inspiring coaching talk, or sharing success with a teammate?

That really settles it, doesn’t it?

I’m thankful for the days so full of awesomeness I can’t decide!


Today I had a tedious task that required extreme focus and discipline. I threw in my AirPods and some music and proceeded to hammer the entire project out in a few hours of concentrated focus. While I have to keep the details a surprise for now what I want to blog about as being in a state of flow even when doing something tedious.

What kept me present in the task? The purpose behind it. The challenge of going faster. The tight timeline. The sense of completion I knew I’d feel. Put them all together and presence won over tediousness.


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