Thankful for Listening Beyond Words, Friends I Have Yet to Meet, & Extra Sleep

Day 2,345


Listening beyond the words being said is difficult but so insightful. I must remember to be 100% present, listen with the intent to learn, and be in a state of awareness. It is difficult to pull off all three at once, but when I can the results are extraordinary.


How many friends will I have whom I’ve yet to meet? Each Express event I go to it seems I make a new friend. Usually they’re someone I know of but I’ve never actually met or had a conversation with. One thing leads to another and we start talking. Maybe at a table during a breakout session, maybe at lunch, or maybe as fellow presenters. I’m a very short period of time we find common bonds, common goals, common friends, and common values. Each event thereafter we’re bound to spend some time catching up.

This time it was a fellow outdoorsy dad who enjoys backpacking and hiking with his kids. Four days ago we really don’t know each other and now we’re trading vacation ideas and backpacking routes. Awesome!!!


While it is not presence itself I’m grateful for something related to it. After all the travel and busyness of the past week I decided to go to bed early last night and slept in a little today. Taking time to sleep really helped me stay engaged and present today, more sleep is needed but the extra hours certainly got me back on track!


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