Thankful for Early Flights, Family and Home, & Empty Airports

Day 2,344


While an early flight leads to less sleep for one night it leads to more time at home with family. I’ll happily sacrifice a little sleep for a little extra family time.

The true wisdom is in getting bonus sleep a couple of nights before to have a sleep surplus. 😉


Honestly, I’m still processing so much from Ernie Johnson’s speech yesterday. In doing so I’ve found so many blackberry moments throughout the day. So much extra love for my family, feeling it at a deeper level and more thankful for them than ever. I’m happy to be home, happy to be with Becky & my boys, and happy to crash in my own bed with a head full of bigger dreams and a heart beyond full.


There’s something about empty airports that stirs both my soul and imagination. Early this morning I spent about thirty minutes wandering the almost unpopulated terminal of Reagan Airport with my headphones on. The lack of people is almost unsettling while also feeling so liberating. Love those little pockets of empty airport time!


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