Thankful for Insight from Ernie Johnson Jr, And Then Moments, & the Celebration of Teammates

Day 2,343


Ernie Johnson Jr was our guest speaker today and my mind is still blown by his story. There short version is this:

  • Actively search for and the joyful moments of life
  • Every life has value
  • Love
  • Create joyful moments for others
  • Follow your “nudges”
  • Humility

Honestly, this may have been the most impactful speaker I’ve ever had the privilege of hearing. Certainly more to follow on this one in the future!


A couple of days ago one of my classes talked about our “And Then” moments. Those are the parts of the story we tell that usually go like this…

So this happened and then this other positive thing happened.

What was interesting was that the “And Then” moments were almost always people who did someone thing special to help. Quite often the person didn’t even know how they were helping or how big of an impact they made. They just acted with love.

Over the past day I’ve had more time to reflect on many of my personal And Then’s and it’s reminding me of how important it is to both thank those who’ve created them as well as live in a way that I can help other create their And Then’s.

My heart is full as I think back with love for each of those people who’ve had such positive impacts on my life.


Having an opportunity to see my teammates celebrate the success of all of their hard work was truly amazing tonight! Seeing their joy in going up on the big stage in front of a huge crowd was awesome and one of my favorite professional moments. Thank you to all of my teammates who’ve worked so hard to make last year one to remember.


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