Thankful for Sharing Our Humanity, Teamwork, & Presenting to Large Groups

Day 2,342


We all are going to face difficult times. When we choose to share those experiences and to open up about them we are able to help others struggling with their own difficulties. By sharing we form bonds with other people and help them know they are not alone.

It is humbling to share our emotions, to expose our vulnerabilities, but someone else in the world needs to hear they are not alone.

Share openly, love unconditionally, and give kindness as others work through their struggles.


Today was a stunning reminder of the power of teamwork. Mike tagged in with me to help present and I so grateful he did! Knowing we had each other to help through specific spots or to help us see the right path was awesome. The entire presentation was significantly better as a result of our teamwork.


I’ve spoken about this in the past but it bears saying again. The level of presence while presenting to a large group is mind blowing. The hyper focus on remembering what to say while reading the faces of the audience while simultaneously adjusting the presentation to fit that feedback requires an intense level of presence. Such a wonderful rush!


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