Thankful for Reminders of an Insightful Conversation, a Full Heart, & Taking Time to Fill the Reservoir

Day 2,341


Pre-COVID I had an insightful conversation with a fellow leader. They made a statement on leadership which has stuck with me.

“As a leader we have to push our people to the edge, past what they think is possible, close to edge of failure, and all the while love them, support them, and make sure they know we will catch them if they fall.”

Throughout the last week this conversation has been near the top of mind and I’m grateful for the words of insight.


Being a part of something greater than ourselves is a beautiful thing. Allowing work to be done through us in the cause of something greater is more rewarding than just about anything. Today, for a handful of reasons, my heart is full for a few of those moments.


Taking time to fill my bucket by enjoying silence in my room while writing my blog. What a glorious moment of presence it was this evening!

As someone once told me, if you would bf a river you must first be a reservoir.


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