Thankful for Rolling with the Snow, Travel Practice, & Practicing Presence

Day 2,340


Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and make the most of whatever comes. That’s the mindset I’m going with tonight as the weather rolling in may make life a little interesting tomorrow!


I remember past years of preparing for travel to our annual Leadership Conference. So much time spent picking the right CDs or recording miniDiscs (those were the best). I took so much time picking out clothes and packing. The entire preparation process was almost a full day!

Here I am, 20 years later and the process had been very much condensed. The biggest thing is remembering to take my dry cleaning in early enough. Get it all together relatively quickly, font worry about the extra stuff, and know it’ll all work out. So much easier.

This has started saving me so much more time than before. Thanks to all the years of practice I’m starting to get it all down and have more time to relax the night before rather than last second packing. Definitely a better place to be.


Practicing a presentation is an interesting task. When I first start a new one I’m 100% present as I practice and shape it. After many iterations I can almost go on auto pilot. Today was at least the quarter century mark for this one. At one point I even caught my mind almost drifting while I practiced! As soon as I noticed it I stopped, restarted, and kept 100% focus… and that was about my best practice session yet.

While presenting to others I easily slip into a flow state and am kept there by the interactions with the audience. Alone it is easy to get a bit more loose. Today I enjoyed the practice with full presence as it really felt close to the real thing and was the most productive repetition.


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