Thankful for Remembering to Listen More, a Question Asked Out of Love, & Yoga Focus

Day 2,339


We hardly understand what is going on inside of ourselves, why assume we know what is going on in others? So easy to guess and assume where people are coming from, but almost always we don’t understand the full picture.

Kreiling, remember to ask more questions, listen more intently, and don’t assume. Listen more, solve less.


One of the defining moments of my life was a simple question asked by a friend at just the right time. Those few simple words are burned into my brain and helped me unlock the metaphorical prison cell I’d put my own mind into. The question was asked out of love, required the courage to possibly go into very uncomfortable areas, and was asked in such a way that it allowed me to open up.

To the mindset of growth I mentioned above, we never know the impact we may have on others. Act with love. Act with courage. Act with kindness. Act with compassion.

When we act with love we have a chance to help, when we don’t act because we’re afraid we miss an opportunity to help someone who needs it.

I’m so thankful for a question asked by a friend in a coffee shop many years ago, she changed the direction of my life in a profoundly positive way.


Yoga tonight was amazing! My legs are still burning. Nothing like pushing your body further than you think it can go to focus your mind 100% in the present. All that existed was my breathing and the burning in my leg muscles – in a very good way.


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