Thankful for Pushing through the Mundane, an Unexpected Time Capsule, & Bonus Time in the Parking Lot

Day 2,338


There are tasks I really don’t enjoy doing. They don’t come naturally, they are draining, and I find them quite boring. It is so easy to find any possible distraction to allow me the opportunity to pass it off for another time. That’s where grit comes in. Suck it up, get it done, eat the vegetables. If I remember to choose the right mindset I can turn the mundane into an accomplishment.

Case in point was today. Gathering and preparing information for taxes? Gross. Not at all fun, not at all rewarding on the surface. That said, if I can will myself through this mind numbing task I will find a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. I mastered myself and was able to fight off my inner voice that wanted to do something else, something fun.

Today I’m feeling very satisfied and accomplished. It’s all done, and that feels wonderful. Not gonna lie, it feels even better knowing I won’t have to do it again for a year! 😂


While the project of pulling a ton of info for taxes and whatnot wasn’t fun it was quite the time capsule of the past year. So many moments that I’ll always remember but won’t always float to the surface on their own. Pausing for a moment to think back to each was a but therapeutic, especially during a task I often find unpleasant. What a nice surprise to find a hidden pocket of joy amongst all the detail work I normally dread!


There’s a weird sense of peace and presence to be found waiting in the parking lot of a school waiting for the boys to be done with practice. So easy to waste it on my phone looking up the news and whatnot. Much better used to pause, reflect, gather my thoughts, and blog. Heck, given enough time I’ve even had the opportunity to recline a bit, close my eyes, and focus on breathing. Here’s to bonus time to be found in the chaos!


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