Thankful for New Trails, Courage, & Outdoors Time

Day 2,337


Keep my eyes open. Though I’ve spent much time in certain areas there is always so much more to discover.

While walking LuLu today, Gavin and I found a trail that we’d never noticed before and it was awesome! So much new to see in an area I thought I knew almost completely. So much more to see.


Being out in front of a crowd takes courage. Standing up and knowing all eyes are on you is not for the weak of heart. In that moment you are putting yourself out there.

Gavin performed a solo today at their band event and did really well. Dominic did the same a handful of years ago also.

I’m grateful both of the boys are open to putting themselves out there, to try their best, to put in the work needed to be prepared, and to be confident in those moments.


Taking a walk on the new trail we found was pretty epic. Gavin and I saw about a dozen eagles as we walked within eyesight of the Black River. At the end of the trail we crunched across what appeared to be yellowed old tall grass and then realized it was covering the ice below it. We paused to soak in the sight of an eagle atop a dead tree and to inspect what we deemed the “Hydra Tree.”

The Hydra Tree

Time alone outdoors is one of my happiest places. Being there to enjoy it with family was total bliss.


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