Thankful for Pausing to Think, Living Vicariously, & Silence

Day 2,336


Pause, listen, think, and then respond. What a difference it makes to take my time and spend time in thought prior to making a decision.

Throughout much of my life I’ve benefited from making a call using instincts and my gut. The older I get the more I remember to consider the amount of time I have before I need to make a decision. Use all the time allowed to think it through and then respond.


Living vicariously through the boys has me smiling and laughing for so many reasons. They had their high school dance tonight and the entire night has been very entertaining. From changing their plans a half dozen times to eating out to the same pre high school dance conversations that have been happening for at least three decades to hearing the stories from their nights to the now “after party” of one of their friends sleeping over it’s been a blast! So glad they had such an awesome night and that I got to experience bits and pieces of it.


Sitting on the couch in an empty house petting LuLu with the sound of silence surrounding me. After the past few weeks that moment was very calming and soothing. No work, no stress, no obligation, no distraction, just straight up chill time.


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