Thankful for Growth and Practice, Whakaari, & Being Tested

Day 2,335


There is so much out of our control. What situations arise, how rankings work, and the like. Those moments come and present us with the one choice we truly have control over – “how will I respond to this?”

The most difficult of challenges provide us the greatest opportunity to grow. The most mundane and minimal frustrations provide us an opportunity to practice.

When I choose to see it as practice of as growth my mindset shifts so quickly to where I would like it to be all the time.


On our way out to see Whakaari, the steam rises from it while the boys watch the dolphins.

While riding my bike trainer this morning I started watching a Netflix documentary on Whakaari, the volcano in New Zealand which erupted in December of 2019. We travelled to the volcano in 2017 on our family trip and were all enthralled by the beauty and raw power of that place of spiritual importance to the Māori. Our trip was one of dream, truly awesome at so many levels, one of our favorite excursions ever.

Unfortunately it was the worst of nightmares for many in 2019. As luck would have it we were on a family trip in Australia when the eruption occurred. Dominic was the first to figure out that if was Whakaari on the news while we were prepping for supper. Such a surreal moment seeing all that transpired that day.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to tour the White Island and I’m even more thankful for leaving it safely.


Usually I focus on positive moments of presence, but today I’m going with a difficult one. Out of left field we got some bad news about one of our clients, they ran into an issue that’s causing them to slow way down. Very quickly my attention focused on the moment, each breath, and I listened attentively to each word spoken.

I quickly saw this as a test. Would I get frustrated or feel bad for the negative impact to our business or would I set that aside and do my best to live into our purpose and to find a way to brighten their life in a dark moment. I’m grateful for the practice that helped me pass.


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