Thankful for a Note for My Future Self, Dominic’s Decision, & a Reminder to Stroke the Furry Walls

Day 2,334


Note to My Future Self : The day is neither good nor bad, nor is our view of the day a singular choice. Moment by moment and second by second we each have the opportunity to choose our mindset and the context of the day. So something frustrated you early, why continue to carry its weight all day long. You must merely shrug, change your mindset, and live into the next moment. Enjoy the present and leave it unstained by the moment before it.


Sometimes life throws us curveballs and we have to figure out how to deal with them. I’m super grateful for the way Dominic is dealing with a big one he was tossed earlier this week.

While snowboarding on Monday Dominic was midair and noticed a skier near where he was going to land. Dominic landed, caught the edge hard to stop and hit the ice face first resulting in a concussion.

At his doc appointment today he was told he should probably not race in the WI State Snowboarding meet on Saturday and Dominic not only agreed but made the decision that he’d rather be safe and avoid the potential of increased injury.

Making a decision like that is difficult in some ways. It is his senior year. It would have been his last competitive high school snowboarding event. It would have been an opportunity to hit a goal he’d set for himself earlier in the year. That’s a lot of temptation for a 17 year old.

Rather, Dominic decided to give himself the right amount of time to heal, to avoid the added risk, and to look ahead to so many other and bigger goals he has set for himself. In that way his decision was a very simple one.

Tonight I’m grateful for how he thought this all through, for the logic he used, and his use of reason over emotion. Super proud of you for making the right call Dominic! Bummer to miss this last race, but nice to know you’ll have more opportunities to do so many other things you want to accomplish!


This morning started off a bit bumpy. At one point I was pretty frustrated so I figured some music would help me chill a bit. I hit Shuffle for any of the several thousand songs on my iPhone to randomly be selected. The first song was perfect!

“When life flips you a Jeffrey, stroke the furry walls, stroke the furry walls.”

A song off one of my favorite comedies, Get Him to the Greek, started playing and left me smiling.

I don’t think I could’ve found a better and more fitting song had I tried. Thank you iPhone for knowing me better than I do!


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