Thankful for the Power of a Smile, a Rainy Smile, & Prismatic Clouds

Day 2,333


Maybe start by reading my Appreciation section first and then come back to this.

I am thankful for the reminder of how powerful our choice of attitude can be, the power of one smile. a

As we live our lives we have an opportunity to choose our mindset each moment of each day. That choice goes well beyond impacting only ourselves, it has the ability to influence the choice others make in that same moment. Our choice is for us, but is also helpful for others.

Smile often, smile in the face of adversity, smile for yourself, and smile for others.


My drive from the Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce was a rainy one. The cold February rain drops were fat and falling heavy. I swear I could feel their chill from inside my car.

Just as I rounded a corner to work up a hill a man carrying grocery bags appeared on the sidewalk to my left. He was wearing a flat cap hat, rain covered glasses, and a dripping overcoat and was carrying two big grocery bags in each hand.

He was smiling. He wore a smile so large that I felt my lips curl up in my own grin. There wasn’t anything in the world that was going to take the smile off of his face or the bounce out of his step, not even death itself was going to phase him.

Here was someone who was finding the joy in being alive regardless of what the weather was around him. Throughout the day his smile reminded me to find the joy in any situation.

How blessed I was to see him and to draw inspiration from the warmth of his smile.


There was an awesome cloud formation around the newly risen sun this morning. The light was bouncing off it in such a way that there was almost a prismatic brilliance in the clouds near the sun. It wasn’t all the clouds, just a specific formation that must have been lower than the rest. So awesome to stare at this morning!


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