Thankful for Creating Context, Practicing Practice, & a Hill and a Tree

Day 2,332


Life hands us situations and it is up to us to give them context. Was it good? Was it bad? The situation is neither, only our mindsets can apply our personal contact to it.

Which way we see it is a choice we must make.

Happiness is wanting what we have, not having what we want.


I’m grateful for practicing practice. Nope, not a typing error, you read it correctly. I’m grateful for practicing practice.

Each day when I start with my purpose, values, & goals I start watching for what I’m appreciative of. At the end of each day my bill comes due and I must come up with my daily payment. In taking time to practice gratitude each day I’m practicing my practice and am slowly improving.

Today I had the opportunity to test gear I’ve learned did I did okay. Not perfect, not great, but better than had I not been practicing.


On my drive to Eau Claire I paused my audiobook for a bit and enjoyed some good tunes. While paying more attention to the scenery than usual I happened to notice a small hill in between two little valleys with a beautiful tree atop it. A perfect winter outdoors scene that I’d never noticed before, tucked away off the road just a bit.

Somehow I’ve never happened to see it when passing it so many times over the past decade and change. How many other perfect little scenes will I discover if I keep my eyes open for them?


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