Thankful for Remembering to Choose Happiness, Pockets of Connection, & a Shopping Smile

Day 2,331


It is so easy to want more and to set targets for happiness. When I DO this I will be happy. When I HAVE this I will be happy.

Happiness is all around us all the time, we can choose it anytime through gratitude.


With all the goings ons of the Kreilings as of late I’m grateful for finding moments to connect, no matter how brief. In some ways the limited time helps me to be even more present in those interactions. Case in point, between walking LuLu and grocery shopping the time with Becky was full of conversation. There may be a few more crazy weeks ahead but we’ll keep finding pockets of connection throughout.


This may seem a bit crazy but while grocery shopping there was a person who’s Joy was absolutely radiating from them. They had a liquid filled glass bowl with a brightly colored rose inside in their hands. As they inspected the bauble their smile shined bright. The state of awe they were experiencing was contagious and I caught myself smiling the rest of the shopping trip.


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