Thankful for Gavin’s Attitude, Gavin’s Leadership, & Chilling in the Tent

Day 2,330


Due to a very unlikely set of circumstances Gavin was wrestling varsity at regionals today. As one would expect from a freshman who just started the sport less than four months ago he went 0-2.

In spite of defeat Gavin, uber competitive Gavin, was smiling the entire time afterwards!

He knew he gave his all and his all just wasn’t up to the all his competitors had to give. He saw it as an opportunity to grow, welcomed the ridiculous odds, and learned from both matches. Gavin was almost glowing as he recounted almost getting a cradle in on one of the competitors.

He is also looking forward to seeing how he matches up with them next year after he gets more time to practice. No frustration, no disappointment, only realization that he can compete with more experience and the drive to work harder in the offseason.

What a great inspiration for me to remember!


Gavin really stepped it up as a leader tonight at Scouts and it was fun to see just how much that crazy kid has grown! From taking the lead on various chores, leading by example, and helping other Scouts I’m thankful for the opportunity to see his leadership skills firsthand today. Great work dude!


Laying in a quiet tent in nature during the winter as I blog. The Scouts will be heading out to their shelter shortly and I’m sure they’ll be a bit loud so I’m just enjoying thx peace while it is here. Calm, chill (literally), and exactly where I should be tonight.


PS: So much for the silence 😂

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