Thankful for Purpose Over Ego, a Well Orchestrated Day, & the Focused Presence of a Morning Run

Day 2,329


How easy it is to crave more rather than focus on what I really want to accomplish. If a little is good more must be better, right? No!

I need to remember to pause and run new opportunities through the filter of my purpose. My ego is often what wants more, but that’s not always what my soul wants.

Pause, consider the opportunity, and choose to live into purpose.


So many options for this one today!!! Maybe the best way to be inclusive of most the ideas is this. I’m grateful for the way the universe always seems to know what we need – both delightful and challenging moments and events.

My day has included surprise packages, new opportunities, wonderful emails, excellent insights, opportunities to grow, chances to test my patience, ways to share my passions, time to think, space to breathe, humbling times, reconnecting of friendships, and the opportunity to laugh at the challenges. It has been so full it almost feels like The Big Dude Upstairs knew exactly what I needed today!


My morning runs with Becky are much more than just a workout. It is our space to pause the rest of the world and only focus on communicating with each other. There are no screens, no deadlines, and no one else around. This morning as we had a short break in our conversation I realized how much I appreciate that quiet time the two of us share. What a gift to have an opportunity for presence with each other to start off the day!


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