Thankful for Immediate Debriefing, Sharing Openly, & Wonderful Session Participants

Day 2,328


The mental debrief immediately after an event is powerful. Going back through the mental notes made while speaking to get them down and start revising for the next time while it’s all fresh in the brain is the best timing. I’ll take it all with a grain of salt and wait to make any major changes prior to seeing the reviews, but this is a great start.


I am so grateful for the willingness of others to share their story. When we put ourselves out there it can be daunting and nerve wracking, but so often it is an opportunity to help others. It takes courage to open up and share and many showed that strength tonight. What an inspiration to keep brightening lives through sharing experiences!


Our session tonight was a wonderful group of people. So many inspiring stories, great insights from each other, and a ton of positive energy and love while sharing. Times like this are so easy to get lost in the moment with. What a blessing to have this opportunity with awesome people tonight!


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