Thankful for Caterpillar to Butterfly Ideation, Book Recommendations, & Vivid Travel Memories

Day 2,327


So much progress is made when we are still with our thoughts. Taking time to pause and reflect each day in my blog offers me time to process the events of the day, to put context to them, and to file them away for future use. Today I learned how some of those thoughts really grow and flourish in the background and when it is time for them to reemerge they’re like caterpillars changed into butterflies.

More stillness, more thought, less distraction, less hurry, better growth.


Over the course of the day there were a couple of conversations brought to me about books – one of my favorite topics! Not gonna lie, it was pretty awesome being on the receiving end of book recommendations. Got one in hand and another couple in mind to take on soon. Love, love, love sharing book lists like today!


Funny how specific moments can be so deeply embedded in memory. There were a couple of different vacation moments I thought of today and each was so vivid in my mind. I took a moment for each to close my eyes and bask in the moment again. what a blessing to do a mini time travel because of the presence in the moment when it happened.


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