Thankful for Focusing on the Positive, The Ender Series, & Pockets of Family Time

Day 2,326


Remember to recognize the positives, not just the negatives. More often than I care to admit I focus too much on the downside rather than the upside.

I’m also grateful for teammates who are willing to remind of this when I’m guilty of it. 👍


Last year I was enthralled by the second book of the Ender series by Orson Scott Card. The most recent book I’ve finished was the next in that series and I loved it! I’m really grooving on the combo of sci fi, philosophy, and the depth of characters. So psyched for another three books in the series!


On a similar note from yesterday I’m grateful for finding pockets of time with my sons. With all the directions we’ve been going in lately it was awesome to squeeze in some father son time with both boys over a gourmet meal of Jersey Mike’s Subs. Nothing crazy, lots of joking around, gotta love those moments!


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