Thankful for Pockets of Productivity, Sports Smiles, & Starting with Intention

Day 2,325


Nothing like finding pockets of productivity within the busyness of life! Today I was able to utilize time between Gavin’s wrestling matches by working on my laptop in the gym. Not the most peaceful but certainly helped to fit more into the day!


Gavin’s first wrestling season wrapped up in a high note as he went 2-1 tonight. After each match he was in good spirits and obviously enjoying the event.

Dominic had a full day off of school specifically for preparation with his team the state snowboarding competition. When we got home he was all smiles and loved the time at the hill.

Their sports may make life busier than I’d like but the smiles make it all worthwhile. So glad they have extracurricular activities that bring them joy.


After being in Belize it has taken me a few days to get back into my daily routine. When my alarm went off I grabbed my 2023 goals sheet and read through it as I’d done each day before Belize. What a perfect way to start the day with intention!


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