Thankful for Daily Journaling, Sunny Winter Hikes in Shorts, & the Full Moon Rise

Day 2,324


Later this week I’ve got my first actual workshop on Minding the GAP: Choosing Growth, Appreciation, & Presence at the Franciscan Spirituality Center in La Crosse. Today I spent quite a few hours honing it down to what will be very close to the final product. So many hours of prep out into this labor of love and purpose, I’m excited to see how it is received.

I’m grateful for all the life I’ve lived to get me to this point. As I worked on building this I’ve felt a state of flow many times and it’s almost out itself together in the back of my consciousness. The profoundly positive impact of journaling daily continues to astound me. Taking time to process each day in stillness has helped me in so many ways.


Sunny day hiking in the winter in shorts – what a perfect way to spend the afternoon! Fresh air, time outside, a little physical activity heading up and down the bluff, and time with family with no distractions. Felt like heaven to me today!


Did you see the full moon rise this evening??? Wowza!!! The pics don’t do it justice. So beautiful to watch the colors slowly shift over a matter of minutes.


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