Thankful for Choice of Perspective, Lots of Love, & Shared Moments

Day 2,323


When something happens it is up to us to define if it is good or bad, the event itself isn’t either or on its own, it is us who give it a definition. We have the opportunity to create beauty in any situation, no matter how ugly it may initially seem. So many reminders of that concept today all around.

Here’s to remembering we always have a choice to make.


Whew – this could be a really long post if I dove into all the details. That said, some of them aren’t for me to share. I’ll go with the short version for now and will save the long version in my heart.

Today I have a talk on my book at Root Down Yoga as a part of their Karma class to benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Greater La Crosse. The class was outstanding, so many wonderfully active listeners, and so many shared moments of emotion. So much love and support from all there, I’m so thankful for the opportunity.

What really jumps out to me was the depth of relationships built and strengthened throughout. We all experience difficult times, knowing we’re not alone can be such a blessing.

Thank you so much to all the attendees for opening their hearts today! Thank you to Root Down Yoga for allowing me this opportunity! Thank you to Becky for supporting me, encouraging me, and for talking me into going to yoga several years ago.


There were a handful of profoundly poignant emotional moments today at the presentation at Root Down. Out of respect for all involved I’ll leave out the details save one – so many hugs. So much love in each of those connections.


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