Thankful for Planning My Month, Belize Dreams, & Audiobooks

Day 2,322


My months always go better when I remember to pause and plan in advance. I can 100% tell the difference between a well planned month and one that I let evolve in the moment. February is going to be a crazy busy month but I’ve got everything in place to be successful specifically because I’ve paused to plan it.

Planning two months in advance is even better but requires a lot more flexibility in order to roll with any changes from the prior month.


One of the things I was most excited about today was all of the talk in our office of dreams created from our recent trip to Belize. I couldn’t help but smile when there were several teammates who were all having conversations at home about traveling more or looking at moving. While I would hate to lose any of them I’m so excited to see them dreaming bigger – how awesome is that!

It also brought back so many excellent memories of my first trip to Hawaii when I came home and announced that I would be moving to Hawaii. Sure, Becky and common sense won out in the long run, but it inspired me to dig deeper into the reasons I wanted to live there which helped me find ways to live more into that dream without actually moving. In the long run I’ve lived a happier life as a result of dreaming those sweet Hawaii dreams. So much fun hearing others have their own dreams as a result of the trip!


After about a week without audiobooks I felt like I was really home when I drove to work this morning and fired up Homo Deus on Audible. Funny how I have started to miss not listening to a book while driving alone. The time focused on the words on my speaker were calming in addition to being enlightening!


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